Concerts and Events

Due to the cancellation of all the Edinburgh festivals, our planned performances of A Day In A Million have been cancelled. Once lockdown is over and we are able to resume rehearsals, it is our plan to bring our tribute to Doris Day to the public. Watch this space for dates, times and venues, and stay safe!

Next Performance

Welcome to our January concert in praise of Robert Burns. With Covid restrictions still in place, and likely to remain so for some time yet, we have taken the opportunity to create some “virtual” choir recordings of Robert Burns’ songs and poems. We hope you enjoy them:


And, with February being the month with Valentine’s Day, what better than a selection of love songs and poems…

March promises the emergence of Spring, so here are a few joyous compositions……

April is the month when the earth really wakens up…

For May, our songs are inspired by European folklore. The first song, by Brahms, tells the story of The Sandman who sprinkles magical sand on to the eyes of humans to make them sleep and dream beautiful dreams. Stephen Foster tells us that not only were the dreams beautiful, but the dreamer was too in Beautiful Dreamer, our second song. Our poem this month is He Wishes For The Cloths Of Heaven by W B Yeats.

June has arrived and that means outdoor family gatherings, the longed for summer solstice and sitting in the garden with Pimms in hand watching the sunset at 11.30pm. June certainly is ‘Bustin Out’ with activity as local agricultural shows abound, so ‘Come to the Fair’ if you can.

The USA has given us a fair few musical genres over the years and their choral music has been ever present. One of the most powerful, enduring and profoundly moving of their choral music has been the Spiritual. Stemming from the singing of the slaves in the fields, this music reminds us of our own individual and collective humanity.
This month we sing two such pieces “Lonesome Valley” and “You’d Better Run” and these are complemented with a poem by Annalee Somerville called “Spiritual Sister”.

We’ve put these songs together in aid of the Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity. If you would like to donate to this cause too, please click on this link to go to our donations page.